It’s mid-July in White Rock, and that means it’s time for the Tour de White Rock bicycle race and the Five Corners Block Party Saturday, July 16, 2011 from 10 – 3 !  This year, the Farmer’s Market will be down in our neck of the woods to enhance and augment our lil’ neighborhood bash.  Cool, eh?   The kid-friendly zone will be up at the White Rock Elementary school, so NO BOUNCY CASTLE in front of the Salon this year – hooray!   There will be music!  Fashion!  Food!  It will be fun!  Watch as Sin 7 Salon and our super cool neighbors turn into street merchants for the day, with sidewalk sales and special deals all down the block.

After the festivities, the Tour de White Rock criterium will be whizzing past, starting at 4:00.  It’s always fun to watch these amazing athletes fly by at insane speeds, so stick around and watch the race!

P.S. We will also be taking appointments as usual that day.  Parking might be a bit of a hassle with street closures, so take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of our lovely side streets.   😉