Skin care starter sets from Aveda

  Know what's a drag?  When you want to try a new skincare regimen or product line, but you don't want to invest a ton of cash until you know if it works for your particular face.  Well we have some good news!  Aveda has sent us limited edition skin care starter sets and they are on the shelves at Sin 7 Salon.  Try Botanical Kinetics, Tourmaline Charged, or All-Sensitive for a few months, for about the price of one full-sized product. This is a great opportunity to try Aveda's skin care for the first time.  Yes, it smells as wonderful as the hair products do (plus all the things you love about Aveda i.e. high performance, eco leadership, the gorgeous hair and skin you get when you use them, and did we mention the amazing aromas?).  Or, if you're already using Aveda skin care and have been thinking about trying some different products, the starter sets are the perfect solution.  Let the beauty pros at Sin 7 help you discover your Elemental Nature, and we'll send you home with some yummy new skin care products to try.  Be prepared to fall in love.

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Great hair on the streets of NYC

  Tessa, photo by Tracy Wang Ultra cool fashion website Refinery 29 has a terrific slideshow of great hair on the streets of NYC, as worn by regular human women - mere mortals, not supermodels or even hair models.  Well OK at least one is a model, but most of the other 21 are not... Anyway, you should check it out!  You never know, you might get the urge for a fresh new summer haircut or color.  Call us, we'll be waiting to hear from you. ;) 604-560-5360  

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Granny’s hair is back?!

If you needed proof that teeny, tiny young girls in very expensive clothes can make anything look cool, even your granny's hairdo, look no further:   Photo: Josh Olin at V Magazine (link removed, no longer available) We assume this is the new female equivalent of the coke bottle glasses/waxed moustache ironic hipster boy look. That being said, can Sin 7 Salon do this for you if it is your heart's desire? Emphatically YES!

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Evan Rachel Wood’s new ‘do.

What do you get when you cross 80's punk wannabe style with a pixie cut?  We're not sure what exactly to call it (PixieHawk? MoPix?), but on Evan Rachel Wood it sure is CUTE!  If you are interested in this look but aren't crazy about a "cute" vibe, make it "fierce" instead with some bold color - think platinum blonde, vibrant red, or deep plum. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/; Todd Williamson/ We do so enjoy seeing celebs take the plunge and make major hair changes, because it can inspire the rest of us to follow suit.  Give us a call and let us help you decide on a brave new look!  604-560-5360  

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Five Corners Block Party!

It's mid-July in White Rock, and that means it's time for the Tour de White Rock bicycle race and the Five Corners Block Party Saturday, July 16, 2011 from 10 - 3 !  This year, the Farmer's Market will be down in our neck of the woods to enhance and augment our lil' neighborhood bash.  Cool, eh?   The kid-friendly zone will be up at the White Rock Elementary school, so NO BOUNCY CASTLE in front of the Salon this year - hooray!   There will be music!  Fashion!  Food!  It will be fun!  Watch as Sin 7 Salon and our super cool neighbors turn into street merchants for the day, with sidewalk sales and special deals all down the block. After the festivities, the Tour de White Rock criterium will be whizzing past, starting at 4:00.  It's always fun to watch these amazing athletes fly by at insane speeds, so stick around and watch the race! P.S. We will also be taking appointments as usual that day.  Parking might be a bit of a hassle with street closures, so take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of our lovely side streets.   ;-)

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