Katherine Heigl and Kate Winslet go short, super-blonde.

Spring is in the air, and the hair in Hollywood is hitting the floor.  Recent new celebrity major changes are Kate Winslet and Katherine Heigl, both going relatively short and REALLY blonde.  Sin 7 Salon says "Hooray!  Let's get to pixi-fying and bleach-and-tone-ing, STAT!"   Doesn't she look striking?  Gorgeous?  Amazing? We think so.  There's something about a short, platinum look on a woman that makes you pay attention.  It feels rebellious and non-conformist, and the dramatic color goes a long way to keeping a short length looking ultra feminine.  And powerful.  Thumbs up! Photo by Keystone Press Love it!  This might be an excellent time to bring up one of the reasons that Katherine Heigle might have gone short.  Purely speculation, but it's worth addressing for the potential lesson.  Heigl is no stranger to dramatic color changes, having gone from  bright blonde to very dark in the recent past.  Going from dark to blonde is damaging to the hair, no matter what kind of gentle, magical lightener (i.e. bleach) you use.  Going from artificially colored, very dark hair to blonde is extremely damaging.  It's just the nature of lightening hair.   Heigl may very well have had not much choice but to cut some length off after having her hair lightened up from the deep brunette she had before.  Hair is bound to not feel very nice after lifing 9 levels.  So the moral of the story is: even the most gifted stylist will damage your hair when lifting it from dark brunette to blonde, and if you wish to do this, you may need to decide between being blonde or having long hair.  Regardless of whether Heigl's cut was from choice or necessity, it looks fantastic on her, and hopefully it will inspire others to take the plunge into [...]

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Jennifer Aniston’s stylist explains new haircut

Fotonicious, Getty Images The one man who knows the answer, Jen's longtime hairdresser Chris McMillan, spilled to Allure.com why he helped the actress chop her long locks into a short and sassy bob. "I'm loving bobs again. I love the girl in the YSL ads. It's a sexy look. The reason that I'm loving a bob at the moment... There are so many long, layered hairstyles and-don't get me wrong, I love that. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have that. You know what I mean? And what's the opposite direction you can go in?" McMillan said (link removed, no longer available). Hah (and meow)!  So that's why she did it.  Good choice!  Bring on the bobs; we are ready, willing, able, and standing by with scissors.  Separate yourself from the Housewives and get a classy, flattering bob that grazes the collar bone in front and the hairline in back.  Bueno!

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The “slow” season at Sin 7 Salon

Normally in the hairdressing biz the winter holiday season is busy and the few months after are a bit slow.  Courtney and Kat planned accordingly.  "Hey, how's about we get a small business innovation grant and line up three months of education?  Cool!"  And lo, knowledge was on the menu. First up in January we had a private advanced cutting class in the salon with Marta Murray from Aveda.  Marta blew our minds with advanced techniques including razor cutting and a more avant garde disconnected geometric look.  We even got out the mannequin heads and kicked it old school, learning two new looks on our lovely dollys.  They are stored in the back room on top of the dryer.  Please don't let the disembodied heads scare you if you need to go through there. We went to a Look and Lean class at the Aveda Institute taught by a nice man named Daniel from Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, Georgia, a very well known and fancy schmancy place (the salon, not Atlanta).  We came home with five new haircut techniques to play with.  The looks were quite geometric, disconnected, with very strong lines; lots of variations of bobs.  Some very fun looks reminiscent of the 80's! Hey, we rocked a mullet in here -  we will RULE the 80's revival! Courtney and Kat had the privilege of attending a class/performance by Beth Mindardi.  Scoring tickets to this event was a miracle.  Beth Minardi is the sole reason we painted the salon white (all the better to see your color).  This woman knows more about hair color than possibly anyone else on the planet.  She did some amazing models on stage and it was a pleasure and an inspiration to watch her work. Plus they picked up some great tips and [...]

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Drew Barrymore goes extreme with ombre

Drew Barrymore was recently photographed with a rather extreme version of ombre coloring (highlights toward the ends, not at the roots).  We absolutely adore this look!  It's fresh, pretty, soft, modern, and yes, low maintenance.  In this economy who could argue about lower maintenance?!   Photo by Keystone Press This look has some rather passionate detractors.  Yeesh people, why get so worked up over someone else's hairdo?  Go do some yoga and chill out.  *Note to the haters: ROOTS have a line of demarcation.  The colours in this look is beautifully, softly, purposefully, and very skillfully melted together.  Kudos to Drew's stylist for creating this dramatic take on the ombre technique.  

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Abracadabra – Hair Color Magic!

This coming Sunday March 6, the grrrlz at Sin 7 Salon are continuing their winter education frenzy by hosting the amazing Daisy Colina for "Hair Color Magic Essentials".   This class is a condensed version of Aveda's 3-day "Hair Color Magic", which usually takes place in New York.  Well, we don't have time to go to New York because we're too busy making White Rock's citizens fabulous, dahling!  This class will help us maximize our knowledge of our color line, and give us numerous tips and tricks for super-duper advanced formulation.  Hooray!  We are extremely excited and expect to be inspired to new heights of creativity. Thanks in advance to Daisy for hauling her tush out to White Rock on a Sunday morning to educate us.

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