Justin Bieber got a haircut – SHRIEK! *faints…*

Hot off the presses, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber cut off his signature forward-feathered Biebshag and is sporting a short, ruffled, manly new 'do.  Can you hear the millions of shocked fans collectively hitting the fainting couch? The Bieb's tweeted pic: We think it looks great, Justin!  Salons around the world thank you as we sharpen our scissors and get ready to recreate thousands of Bieber-inspired short, textured guy's cuts.

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Mineral makeup for a dewy complexion

Is winter doing a whammy on your skin?  Sin 7 Salon has everything you need to create a dewy complexion using Aveda's mineral makeup and skincare products.  Check it out!   P.S. Quality makeup brushes absolutely make a difference in your application.  We have those for sale at Sin 7 as well, environmentally friendly and sans animal fibres. Visit us in White Rock @ Five Corners or call 604-560-5360 for info on these wonderful products and tools. Your face is worth it!

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