Regarding Brazilian Keratin Straightening

We have been on a roller coaster ride with regards to Brazilian keratin smoothing.   Unfortunately we have had to discontinue the service completely as of last Tuesday and at this time we are not sure we will be able to offer it again in the future. Here's the scoop from our perspective.  We had inquired into getting a keratin smoothing system in the salon after hearing rave reviews from clients and stylists all over North America.   We called our contact at West Coast Beauty supply (who is fabulous, we love her and this is NOT her fault!) and she told us that as soon as West Coast had sussed out the safest and best product they would make it available to us.  And they did, to the best of their knowledge.  They did their research and started to offer the Cadiveu brand of Brazilian keratin straightening, after getting initial approval from Health Canada.  We hopped on board immediately, very excited to be able to offer this amazing service to our guests with unruly, frizzy hair.  Kat went to a group class to learn how to use it, where everyone was told in no uncertain terms that Cadiveu contained no formaldehyde or any -aldehydes of any kind.  Sweet!  Safe, effective, amazing results, what's not to love? Right around that time there was a frenzy of news stories about another brand of keratin smoothing called Brazilian Blowout, which was sold as formaldehyde free but ended up testing to contain a whopping amount.   Wow were we ever happy that we didn't go with them!  Heh. Kat had been in touch with the national sales manager from Cadiveu to address some concerns, and had been repeatedly assured that Cadiveu had gone through several independent lab tests before being sold in North America and was free of formaldehyde and safe [...]