Man oh man…

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Well hel-lo! Just last week we got in Aveda Men's new Pure-Formance(tm) skin and shave products.  Pure-Formance(tm) Shave Cream is a moisturizing formula that preps skin for a close, comfortable, less resistant shave.  It helps reduce razor burn during the shaving process; Pure-Formance(tm) Dual Action Aftershave is a non-greasy, 2-in-1 post shave moisturizer that provides lightweight daily hydration and oil control while soothing and relieving freshly shaved or irritated skin.  It's clinically proven to help reduce razor burn and minimize ingrown hairs. Both products feature Aveda Men's exclusive phyto-active blend, proven effective in calming, soothing and relieving the skin.  This blend includes: Seaweed - Concentrated source of minerals that help act as a protective barrier for skin and scalp Licorice root - An ancient Chinese remedy believed to soothe and calm Ursolic acid (sage extract) - A highly active anti-oxidant Plai oil - Member of the ginger family, a centuries-old folk remedy for helping relieve skin irritation Natural emollients, vitamin E and aloe - for skin conditioning and protection Scutellaria baicaiensis [...]

Silver is foxy!

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Suddenly grey hair is making headlines.  As if it's something new!  Actually what is new is the fashion set wearing really ashy or silver tones, or even their natural grey.  It used to be only a few brave and gorgeous souls like Jamie Lee Curtis were sporting their silver loud and proud.  Now, she's being joined by former super models and pop culture icons like Lady Gaga and Pink. Generally on a younger person it's going to appear edgy and/or ironic. Can Sin 7 Salon give you these tones?  Absolutely!  We exclusively use Aveda colour, which can be exactly customized to give you the coolest of cool tones.  Generally, your hair will need to be pre-lightened to a pale blonde and then toned with the silvery colour. But what about us gals who are old enough to have grey of our very own?  Should we cover it completely, leave it totally alone, or enhance the grey with high- or low-lights? That's a good and sometimes tough question, but one that we'll [...]