May the Force be with you!

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Trust me when I tell you, gals - you will LOVE the new Control Force hairspray from Aveda.  Indeed, I have described it as having nearly mythical powers, specifically all-day hold and humidity control, without that  "model airplane glue" feeling that you tend to get with a strong fixative spray. We got our shipment in this week and have been doing the happy dance ever since!   Stop in soon and grab your can - we may have a hard time keeping this on the shelves.   (Make it in before Thursday July 1 and beat the dreaded HST!) By the way, Aveda is the first beauty company to produce aerosol sprays with net-zero climate impact.  How cool, eh?  We wouldn't want it any other way.

Lots going on!

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Our first two weeks were monumental and we can't thank our friends, family, and (especially) our guests enough.  We've gotten such beautiful flowers and cards, a pie, a silver wishbone (so neat!), and so many warm congratulations and well-wishes that we are truly honored and humbled.  Your support has been invaluable in helping us make our dream come true. Our fabulous German Master Stylist, Grit, went on maternity leave and we miss her already.  Best wishes to Grit and Mike as they start their happy family.  (Psssst...Grit...I'm knitting as fast as I can!)  We will be bending over backward to accomodate Grit's clients until she comes back, so just give us a call and we'll pinch hit for the new mama until she's ready to return. We've lost fantastic stylist for a while, but on the same day we gained new team member Chantelle.  Chantelle comes to us with more than 4 years experience behind the chair and she's been doing some dynamite work in the shop so far.  We're thrilled [...]

We made it…

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Whew! Here we are about to begin Week 2 at Sin 7.  I have to say it feels good to have had a few days off after the frenzy of the last few weeks.  Let's see, what did we have going on?  Meetings with lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance people, health inspectors, city hall, property managers, printers...did I mention bankers?  Naturally this was on top of seeing clients. Then there was the prepping, taping, filling, sanding, painting, scrubbing, more scrubbing, moving furniture, and about 62 trips to the dumpster.  In just over 36 hours. By some miracle I got all of the computer and electronic equipment plugged in correctly.  Well, except for the cash drawer, which now only opens manually.  Maybe I should look into that... And speaking of computers, we got this here website and a Facebook page up and even a bit of content going.  (Please, will you "Like" us?) Oh yes, we have also been interviewing as we're going to need help covering the maternity leaves of 2 top [...]